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About Robert Moskal

For nearly 20 years I've been the driving force behind a great variety and quantity of software built for both the market and internal audiences. I excel at matching technical means with business ends to build innovative and stable applications that can evolve with changing opportunities and circumstances. I have a superb record of delivering projects on time and on budget, a roster of delighted clients, and deep ties to the development community.

As a Developer

I'm an expert full-stack developer in java, .net, python, and javascript (node.js). By full-stack I mean everything from multiple back end and mvc frameworks and RESTFUL api development, to asynchronous messaging, business rule and work flow engines. On the front end, these days, I like flux/react. I have production applications using most major data-stores, SQL and NOSQL, and know all too well which to use when. I don't know that much about big data, but would love the opportunity to learn.

I practice and spread techniques that increase quality, speed time to market, and decrease costs. Early on I adopted and still practice test driven development, the use of service oriented patterns (yes, and micro services too!), and domain specific languages. i am an early signer of the agile manifesto. Recent years bring DevOps, NOSQL databases and "javascript all the way down the stack" into the mix.

As a Consultant

My consulting work is deeply rooted in what I learn shipping 2-3 applications EVERY year.

I work effectively with founders and other stakeholders to hone product vision and with engineering teams to execute quickly. In large institutions I drive the development process by building consensus across organizational boundaries.

Look to me for:

Architecture Assessment and Remediation
Finding the best way to get from idea to working software, or from version x to version y: adding new features, increasing performance and reliability while lowering technical debt and putting future development on firm footing.
RFP Preparation and Vendor Selection
I'll collaborate with you to craft Requests for Proposals that ensure vendor responses are accurately budgeted and scoped. I can be a great help in making apple to apple comparisons among responses and selecting the best vendor for your project.
Source Code and Release Management
DevOps, continuous integration, PAAS deployments, and "12 Factor Applications" aren't just buzz-words. Let me help you take advantage of tools and techniques that can transform tiny startups into internet giants on a shoe-string and greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of organizations of every size.
Vendor Management
Outsourcing development, especially overseas, may reduce costs. I guide clients in navigating the unique challenges of managing such engagements.
On Stack Overflow

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TaxFyle Launches!

All the hard work was worth it!

Sorry Itchy!

Time to shutter my beloved by dozens hashtag/photo aggregator.  Curse instagram for clamping down on their apis.